please help!! map sensor

hey guys! right now I have a ls/vtec (b16a2/b18a)

my ecu is throwing one code. code 5 (map sensor)
before I bring it into a shop I need to know the location of the map sensor so that I can see if I can figure it out myself.

if there is even a link with pics it would be much appreciated or if you you guys have any tips it would be grateful.


I think its located on the firewall near the master cylinder. It a black cube with 2 hose hooked to it. It says map on top of it. I’m not sure if thats it, but it says map, so its got to be. Correct me if im wrong. Good luck

i think if you used ur b16a throttle body the map sensor is on the tb but if you used ur stock tb then ur map sensor should be mounted on the firewall.