please help...wheel locked

two things… first you need to know the story…i recently did the wiring for my cd player in my 91 integra rs. and when i tested to make sure it worked i moved the cd player to unplug it and it shut off. at first i thought a crimp came undone. or a blown fuse. so i took my key out and tried it again. but when i tryed to turn my key the wheel is locked. now i cannot move my wheel or turn the key at all. and yes i did try to jiggle them both at the same time. i checked all the fuses in the fuse box and under the hood. it might be a short circuit. but i dont know what to do in case of that.

does anyone know how to unlock a steering column… or why it might be locked up?

know how to diagnose if the ignition is out…

or anything else would be helpful

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