Please Help!!!

i got a 91 teg automatic…when i try to start it cranks, i can drive without any problems but when i turn off the car,maybe about 15 mins later…i try to start it up again and nothing works…it wont even turn or make a sound…i just change the alternator and starter…it worked good for about a week and now its acting up again…if anyone knows what might be the problem please leave me a message or anything…the only time it starts is when i “JUMPSTART” it and it take a couple of trys to do so…

btw: my battery volts is at 14v when cars is off, it read 12.5v when i attempt to start …starter solenoid is receiving power when i try to start!!!


When you say starter solenoid is receiving power when you try and start it, does that mean, you can hear it click, or just that there is power on the black/white starter wire, [solenoid input] on the starter motor? :hmm:94

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