please please help lads

rite lads im just after buying a 1991 intergra xsi dohc vtec!
the problem is dat only after having it for 2days the engine check light has come on in the dash an the car just stalls every so often without warning when im driving,an cuts out!

now the fela i bought it off has a switch hooked up to the ignition which turns on all the electrics,ignition etc an when switched off the car turns off! the car will stay on drive normal with the key out and the switch kept on!now iv found out the ecu problem code by cheking the ecu and reading the flashing light under the carpet and im geting a code error number:15

(here is one of sites got code from: http:// .its telling me:
(15) Ignition Output Signal - Missing or defective ignition output signal)

i think the switch hooked up to the ignition is causing the problem but i dont have a clue how to fix it/get rid of the switch, so the car starts normally and can someone tell me whats wrong and to fix it!
also iv been told maybe the distribitor or the alarms imobiliser?

please if anyone can tell me what to do i will be very grateful! i cant drive the car until this is sorted!thanks for any help!

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  3. You’re a lucky bastard to own an XSi
  4. Please please please do youself a favor and make the subject of your post your question for Example “how to remove ignition kill switch” or something similar. The mods will close a threat thats titled PLEASE PLEASE help lads. If you have a specific question ask it in the title of the thread.

I’m no electrical guru or anything but your best bet it to do so basic investigating. Try to hunt down a wiring schematic for your Xsi. Then trace any wiring coming off this switch and see where it goes. Also is it a toggle switch? Or a switch you can push in? The more info you can supply us with the better. Thanks!

what he said.

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