polishing compound on spray paint?

i recently painted my car with semi-flat black krylon rattle cans. it looks really good actually. but yesterday i lightly wet sanded the final coat with 1000 grit paper and now there are little swirl marks.

can i use polishing/rubbing compound on semi-flat black paint? or is that only for clear coats? would wax be better?


the rubbing compound will take off all the oxidation that sets in on non-gloss paints, my friend uses rubbing compound on his hood since he has it flat black and after a lil elbow grease it looks almost gloss but fades within a few days, needs a clearcoat on it


I really want to see what it looks like.I painted a car with spray paint and it didnt turn out good, but then again it was just a beater lol.

i can take pics this afternoon