polyurethane trailing arm bushings (not ES)

my front end isnearing copletion and i want to fix the ta bushings, but i am affraid i am gonna snap every single bolt, just like it happened on the front end (ended up changing the front crossbeam and the 2 control arms) , so i was wondering if anyone just filled them up with polyurethane, instead of changing them. please i need your input.

yup… that’s what happened to mine an hour ago.

I heard of some members repairing busted engine mount with 3M windo weld (sp?) stuff. But I wouldn’t try it on the TA bushing… too much movement, i think.

yeah, i am guilty of that too. i did the mounts on the accord 3 years ago and put about 70k miles on them with no problem, and the tranny used to jerk like hell. this car has been sitting for over a month now and i can’t afford to have it sit anymore. my accord is crap and the teg needs to run pretty soon.