pookie or no pookie?

I recently replaced my valve cover gasket and o-rings. I also installed a STR cam seal to replace the stock one. When I purchased the gasket the box that it came in said not to use any sealing compound. I removed the old gasket wiped the mating surfaces clean and applied thin film of oil to the new gasket. I then torqued all the nuts down from the inside out to 7 ft-lbs. Now I’ve seen that some people recommend using some black silicone (which I did use on the cam seal hold down mating surfaces) on the flat spots on the new gasket. What method did you use and have you had any leakage? I noticed that I still have some small amount of seepage from one area of the valve cover gasket. All nuts were double checked for proper torque. Anybody recommend buying a new gasket and using silicone this time, or may I have done something else wrong? Thanks guys and gals.

I don’t think you need sealant on the straights but for the corners (around the cams) you do. What kind of gasket did u get? It’s best to use Honda gaskets.

I bought my gasket at autozone. What could be different on an oem gasket besides the higher cost? If I need to I’ll switch it out for an oem gasket, but I don’t see what could be so different. What are everyone else’s opinions? Also how easy is it to change the distributor o-ring? I plan on doing this soon and it looks relatively simple, I know I’ll need to reset the timing after reinstalling the distributor. Any input is greatly appreciated.