popping noise.. not ball joint

there is a popping noise in my car when i stop quick… or after i stop quick and takeoff it also pops

lately it has gotten worse and pops in turns also… its on the drivers side

everything ive heard including my mechanic said it sounded like the balljoint… so i changed it… still pops at all times like b4… anybody got any ideas?.. tierod ends look in good shape

you know that’s the exact same problem i’m having.

it happens when i stop quick, and take off quick. it’s not that noticeable, but when it’s your car, it’s very noticeable hehe… reply back if you find out what it is…

i mostly feel it thru the pedals… how about you?

also i used to only have it during stopping… now it does it on larger bumps and in turns… so its getting really bad whatever it is

same from my grey da
it sucks

i haven’t gotten to really check it out yet, but did you by any chance check your tie rod ends and upper ball joints? no play?

upper balljoint was good… tierod end i didnt check ou that much but i moved it arounnd some and it looked just as good as my dads car (which has no noises)

same problem here! hopefully i can take car of that next weekend. its so anyoing, i love my car but damn everytime i fix somthing it just makes another problem noticable. i need to replace my mc. drivers side caliper (partialy siezed), and some bushing on the front end.

yesterday,i had some dude pull up in a lightning at a light and provoke me so we had it out . Any ways i felt something shoot up like as if i hit a rockand it threw it against my underbody,pretty hard, on the driverside. Now when i accelerateand let off the gas to switch gears,when i let off theclutch ,i get a preety loud click that i can feel in the pedals. Pretty much the same problem you guys have but i’m thinking the axle is loose like at the universal joint.Maybe lost a bearing.Tommorrow i’m going to take it for a test drive and take the wheel off and thoroughly check the joints and entire axle. I’ll let you guys know as soon as i find out. :mad:

axle on my car is pretty new… and since the other (original acura with 118k miles) hasnt died yet… i seriously doubt the new one is having problems like that

we pulled apart a whole side of the red cars suspension to change out all the bushings… the only thing i noticed diffrent with it compared to my daily driver (the smoker) is that the ball joints on it took about 3 hours to pop both of them free to get the part i call the spindle arm off… other than that everything looks good… and i cant think of anything else that would cause the noise both in turns and hard stopping and going, i know my radius rod bushings are gone on my car… but that would only make noise most probaly on heavy stopping and going… i dont see how it could do anything on turning

mine also does this and the 90 teg that i had done this and the guy i sold it too said he had it checked out and said it ended up being the tie rods. so i don’t know for sure but be a place to start with


Upper A-arm bushings. My civic does the same thing and its the UCA bushings.


mine also did this my 90 ls my bar that goes into the front under bumper and has 2 bolts where the lower control arm is was loose where the bolts go in, it also could be felt in the pedals from the tire actually moving from front to back so check them just in case, check both bolts and under bumper theyre is a 19mm or 17mm nut the other 2 are 17mm
hope this helps

i didnt check the UCA bushings… so its very posable it could be that

when you say the bar that goes into the front under the bumper… are you talking about the radius rod bushings?.. because i know the ones on my LCA aint loose… i would have noticed that when i had it apart for the balljoint… as for the front bolts… ill look at them today… but if they were loose seems like they would do more than they are doing now

My car also had this problem: jerking/vibrating under braking, which got worse with more brake pressure.

It ended up that my UCA/frame bolts had backed out. Happened to me on both sides. If you have a camber kit, it is even more likely.

i got stock suspension all around… only aftermarket stuff on the whole car is the endlinks… and i know that wouldnt cause it cuz some of my suspension noise went away with them

it is very posable uca bushings are gone on that car… but after my experence with them on the red teg… fuck that lol… ill end up havin to buy new arms for it too cuz of the damn balljoint being screwed after popping it free

I know this thread is old, but I’m having the same problem and am wondering if anyone has a solution for the problem? I have changed my upper control arm/ball joint, and also my tie rod end. I’ve taken it to my mechanic twice, we’ve inspected it all around and everything else looks fine. Nothing is loose, the lower ball joint doesnt seem to be making the sound… it seems to be coming from near the top of the spring. Only thing besides the UCA I can think of would be the shock mount, but I don’t see it making that popping sound when stopping, starting to go, and turning at slow speeds only…