possible blown engine :(


My car started smoking and then wouldnt start.

I pulled the plugs and #2 is covered in oil. Got a new dizzy becuase the otherone was fried . It now starts but runs like shit and smokes.

I still have my G1 to lean on but I was trying to sell it so I really dont want to have to re -reg it and everything if I dont have to .


Umm, how about some details. Was it smoking from the tailpipe or under the hood? What color was itthe smoke? Did it overheat? Have you checked your oil dipstick to see if there is any coolant? Did you check the radiator to see if there is oil in it? From the minute amount of data you gave me I’m gonna guess blown head gasket, witch might not be as bad as you might expect.

well oil in the chamber…sounds like some bad rings to me…oil all over the plug, sounds like bad rings to me again…maybe thats what fried ur dizzy???I still say bad rings…

Im just going to swap out the engne . its done for . Im goignto built this one up on th side afte rI gte t it out. :angel: RIP for now my teggie.

could be valve seals too. but taking the engine apart to rebuild one thing may be tempting to rebuild the whole motor. a newer swap is a nice idea, that’s what i did, and i don’t regret it for a minute, the car is like new and runs strong with the b20, i smoke other acura’s except for GSR of course lol…

I would do that if there wasnt so many cheap ass people around where I live and they would buy my g1 . then I would just do a gsr swap.

do what i did…save up and when you got all your cash for a full swap, get it.