power steering speed sensor

alright. my power steering is messed up. sometimes it works. sometimes it doesnt. im pretty sure it the speed sensor. ive looked in the haynes manual, and searched, but i cant find were it is located so that i can swap it out. in the haynes manual it has a picture of where its located on a legend, but not a teg. has anyone swapped this piece out. anyhelp would be appreciated. also, does anyone know how much a knew one costs. thankyou

Ok…the G2 Integras do not have an electronic speed sensor, thats why the Manual doesn’t show one. It has a cable coming from the tranny to the cluster in side your dash. If your having an issues with your P.S., its probably an issue with your P.S. Pump , or your rack and pinion.

thanks for the help. i didnt think anyone was going to help me out on this one. well, i thought it was the speed sensor because it would only work sometimes. and after the past two days the steering seems to be getting harder and harder. sometimes while backing up and moving slow its almost impossible to turn the wheel. ive driven cars without power steering and this seems much worse. ill get my dad to look at it and see what he says. anyway, thanks for the help.

g2’s have a power steering pump bypass on the tranny. -right where the speedo cable goes in. you can see 2 lines coming out.

at a certain speed(cant remember-dont wanna search myself) the PS is bypassed.= no PS