PR3 Pistons

Ok my Nephew is going all motor ls semi fully built his car will be done next tues. this is what they going to do stage 1 port with 5 angle competiton job with some JG or Crower cams but wich are better and he waz asking me if the PR3 pistons are Type R pistons or B16a first generation i told him that it waz B16a 1st generation pistons but he thinks they are Type R please help me settle this lol and type r what is that other name for it PR…what???:think:…And oh yea whats a good tranny the B16,GSR, or the Ls.THANX YA

pr3 are all usdm b16a’s and 1st gen jdm b16a pistons. C-speed has a list of b series pistons built into their comp ratio calculator:

what 91integgs said plus,
p30=newer jdm b16’s
pct= civic type r pistons
p73=integra type r pistons.
also its not about brands with cams its about specs. crower i think is more popular. whats popularity mean tho?
you can only use cable trannies, and of course vtec trannies are better because of their short gearing.
i would pickup a 92-93 gsr or b16 tranny(same thing) so that you can use parts from a 94-up integra tranny if you need to. a good setup would be a 92-93 gsr/b16 tranny with 92-01 ls 5th gear, and type r final gear + lsd.

cool my next queston is…when u port and polish the head will it also increase the compression. And next question is i see on that site that the PR3 gives me 11.1 and the P30 is 11.5 or 6 i forgot either way when someone has 11.1 u can only use 92 octaine right wich is pump gas right and if u go beyohnd that u wont be able to use pump gas correct???..And does it matter wich head gasket i use should i use the stock Ls gasket and what ya think of that Hondata gasket will it fit to a non vtec motors.

well… sorta… click the link i posted.

Cool looks like the PR3 is perfect cuz the P30 is a bit much since im going to run on pump gas i think in here wich is dallas tx the octain is 92 or 93 one of the 2 for sure. So 11.1 sound good any higher i know i have to run on racing fuel heh.And also when u port the head will it also pump up the compresion also??This is the set up STAGE 1 PORT STOCK 99 LS CAMS PR3 PISTONS 3 LAYER GASKET. Do i have to upgrade my ecu as well??

it was a statement not a question. :shrug:
hondata gasket is just 1 gasket and i am pretty sure its only for vtec motors, maybe even only pr3 head. outlaw performance sells kits for multiple applications, and sells cmoplete kits. everything!
i use all honda gaskets but my next build i will be using the outlaw performance kit. a port and polish wont affect compression but you will loose compression from a valve job, or gain compression from milling the head or decking the block.
you can run 12:1 on 93 as long as its tuned well however you might not be abled to tune out as much overlap in the cams or run as much timing. my next build should be right about 12:1 if not a bit over. with 99 ls cams you should be abled to use stock ecu. i would get an eprom burner and wideband if you decide to go with aftermarket cams so you can tune them to the best of your ability. theres alot of nifo on tuning on here and
ps daily driver dont go over 11:1 c/r, with 11:1 you will be quick and still very streetable. if you go higher you start breakin shit…ALOT.