Pressing TA bushings out?

How do you press TA bushings out? Is there a better way (ie lugnuts up vs lugnuts down) to do it?

??? Are you doing this while they are in the car? And what are you replacing them with? IE - OEM, ES, Mugen (modified), etc…

If you are going with ES, I think the most common way is to use … FIRE, FIRE, yea…(sorry I was having a Bevis moment). The others require you to take them off and then press them out.

The Trailing Arms are out of my car, and I have OEM bushings to press in.

i read on a how to that you get a piece of 2.5" pvc… i think it was spec40… its something 40 and that it lines up on it almost perfect… and that you can press them in and out with a vice

as for if you can do this with aftermarket TA bushings i dont know… if u want me to post the link ill see if i can find it

2.5" schedule 40

Depending on how stubborn the bushings will be, you run the risk of cracking the pvc, the pipe didn’t crack on me, but I tightened a hose clamp around it for added insurance.

being u can get the piece of pvc pretty cheap… it cant hurt to try lol…

im sure u could get another piece of pvc inside it for extra strength…and clamp it… or u could just goto a machine shop and get em to make a metal piece to fit it… might pay like $20 for a steel piece… but u could sell it on ebay or here and it will just work its way around lol

I didn’t need a press to remove the bushings, and unless yours are rusted or extra tight… you shouldnt’ need to either. The press is needed for the install because its hard to distribute the force evenly to get them to slide into place, but thats not an issue when removing them.

Get 2 pieces of wood (I used some ramps I made for my car, some 2x4’s should work as well). Lay the TA across the pieces of wood so that the arms aren’t touching the ground (this is so you don’t damage anything and so that the bushings have more room to slide down out of the arm…). Now, take a hammer, and give the bushing a few wacks. It should loosen up and pop right out without too much trouble. Mine came out VERY easily, I was really surprised that it didn’t take hardly any force at all.

I got one out using a 12-ton press. :rockon: Damn good thing I had safety glasses on too :shock: That bushing came out so freaking fast. I still have one more to get out, then press the two in.

was the press actually needed to remove the bushing? or did you just use it cause thats what you had? Looking back on when I did mine its now obvious that in my situation using the press to remove the bushings would be a complete waste of time and would take longer than the hammer method. And for installation… some people said that you don’t need a press to install 'em, and that they used a hammer… not sure if they are telling the truth or not, but there’s no way mine were gonna go in w/o a press.

if your going to put in a metal sleeve bushing like factory i heard u need a press or a really strong vice

i dont know that many of us have replacd with factory ta bushings tho since the ES ones are still cheaper

quite a few of us have replaced 'em w/ oem or mugen bushings… its definitely the way to go. :smiley:

mugens are poly tho arent they?.. ive never looked into them as they cost more… and i dont beleve they got the sleeve on them do they?

I needed the press on mine. I ended up getting both out with a trailing arm bushing removal tool (:giggle: Just a piece of aluminum pipe). I just need to get them back in now. :slight_smile: Cool thing is, I’m installing my Skunk2 coils tomorrow too :rockon:

What is the spec for how far in the bushing goes?

mugens look exactly like oem except they use a harder rubber.

As for how far the new bushings go in… when I did mine I did them one at a time so that I had the old arm/bushing to compare with so that I could ensure I did it properly. But if I remember correctly you just press them in until its flush with the arm. Sorta hard to explain w/o pics. I’m sure there are some TA pics up somewhere on this site that you can compare to.

And actually I just checked and I have some on my comp, although they don’t show exactly what you want. But it might be enough to help you figure it out. If you want 'em just email me and I’ll send 'em to you.

Yeah I checked, and they’re about flush with the top of the arm. So that’s what I’m shooting for. I hope to do them tonight then install them tomorrow. :clap: Of course something else will go wrong. :giggle:

i did a friends civic with oem TA bushings with just a impact socket and 5 Lbs sledge