Pressure Plate to Flywheel Bolt....

Well Friday I ended up snapping a bolt that hols the pressure plate to the flywheel. My question is can I just use any other bolt with the same pitch and all or does it have to be the same type of bolt? Thanxx

use the bolt designed for that duty. either from honda or arp.

I second that.

meet my other half. lol.

seriously im beginning to think we have half each other’s brains.

just called the dealer and they want $4.50 each and it wont be here till next week. Then i remebered that my boy has a shit load of Honda and Acura bolts at his shop. Called him up and he says he has some. So goin over there in an hr and see if he has em.

[quote=icemangsr;2050183]meet my other half. Lol.

Seriously im beginning to think we have half each other’s brains.[/quote]


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lol… i have three still in my old flywheel sittin in the garage from when i swap to a aftermarket flywheel that used 6 bolts instead of the 9

I ran into that problem as well(ACT prostreet W/ spec clutch). In fact I even posted a thread about it and most replys were “just use the 6 and you should be fine”. mine has held up to some pretty abusive driving so far, with no problems