Problem with brake line installation

Just bought koni’s and im having a problem with assembling the brakeline to the shock body. it seems to get stuck at the very bottom of the shock. it seems like the shocks diameter is slighly to large to fit properly into the brakeline. i tried sanding down around the brakeline and banging onto the shock but all seems to fail. The part # is for my shocks are Part #: 8041-1200 Sport, is it suppose to be like that or is the shock too big or is the brakeline to small… brakeline came from stock shock.

i tried searching…

Are you talking about the brake hose mounting bracket? My front struts didn’t have them (cheapo aftermarket Monroes), so I called Koni’s technical assistance to ask what they recommended. The Koni rep told me to find the widest zip ties I could and tie the hoses to the struts that way. I know this sounds silly, but I’ve got over 30,000 miles on my suspension and I’m suffering NO ill effects from this. The Koni rep swore up and down that it wouldn’t harm the stuts in any way, and so far he’s been right.