problem with hesitation

Hey guys help is appreciated, i have a 1991 acura integra gs with a B16a swap 5 speed obd0. It has a 7.5 lbs. flywheel, stage 3 clutch, intake, short shifter, and cat back exhaust. My problem is more than one thing that i figure to be all related, my idle is kinda weird it sits at about 800rpm and kinda bogs down a little then back up and kinda floats around and also when i am at a steady speed it boggs unless i give it more gas it feels like the car just always wants to go faster when im on it the car seems flawless. Is it possible that with the mods I have i need to be tuned or timing problem or something else, any input and ideas you might have are greatly appreciated. I have changed the spark plugs and wires recently to some +2’s and 8.8 wires the problem has always kinda been there but has got worse as of late. Sorry if thats not enough info i am more than willing to answer any questions just ask, i am in the Boise, Id area on a milatary construction job for the next 7 months i have nothing but time to work on my car i want to boost it in the spring and i dont want it to fall apart. Oh i almost forgot the thing that really bothers me when im driving or just reving my engine when it gets to about 2500 rpms it makes a loud noise that lasts about 300 to 500 rpms that sounds like as if my fender liner is touching the crank pully but its not its just an example to try to give you an idea of the sound, thanks in adance.


try cleaning or replacing the iddle air control valve. Also look for vacuum leaks, but more than likely its the iacv.


thanks man im going to do that. aslo i noticed i have a vaccum line that goes i think to my fuel pressure regulator sorry if im wrong but anyways it comes off sometimes whats a good way to get that to stay on?