pulling ans shimmy...

this is my first post on this site. im not sure if this is the right section, prolly not… ok i just got my first teg. a big upgrade from my old civic. i got a white 92 gsr. adjustable ride height suspension, 17’’ konigs, k&n cold air or ram air not sure, black hood, and flowmaster exhaust and thats about it, nothing too fancy on it really… everything works but the a/c. got for $1800. but it shimmies and pulls to the left. no damage on the front tires so i didnt thing it was the alignment…but maybe? idk brand new brake got 50 miles on them. and it makes a grinding sound going into 3rd, not too bad in the other gears, bad clutch? idk, what u fellas think?

your alignment could be off enough for it to pull and force the wheels to be angled so much that it causes a shimmy.
do you know if the wheels have hubcentric rings? if they dont and are sitting flush against your rotor that could cause vibration…

hmmm, dont know wat a hubcentric ring is…sorry. the guy i bought it from is a mechanic he replaace a cv joint and put brand new brakes all the way around im hoping he didnt do a poor job on it…

I think the ring he is talking about is similar to the one I have to use for my wheels. basically when you pull off the wheel a little black ring sits inside the center and needs to be put back on when re-mounting the rims. Some wheels rims require them and some dont

yes thats the ring im talking about. there should be a groove on the backside of the rim that the ring slips into. its a small plastice ring with an interior diameter equal to that of your hub. if the rim requires a ring and you dont have one, the car is being supported by just the wheel studs and not as much centrifical as it should (centrifical force is really what holds the rim to the car)
The ring acts as a barrier between the rim and the hub.
If you dont have the rings maybe you should measure the notch on the back of the rim (in millimeters) and order some.


Sounds like you got a good deal on that car!

The 3rd gear grind is from the synchro’s in the transmission being worn out, it’s a common problem with honda’s. Research synchromesh, a transmission fluid that makes it so you don’t feel any grinds. It worked great for me. The grind has nothing to do with your clutch.

I forgot to mention the trans grind.
Pick up some SyncoMesh transmission fluid. The grind should be gone after a week or so.

ok thnx ppl