Pump/tank for rear wiper spray?

Okay, I’ve been going nuts trying to find these. They work, but I’m starting to wonder where to add washer fluid.

Does it just run off of the main washer tank in the front? I did notice 2 pumps on it when I had the bumper off.

runs off the main

Yeah one motor for each windshield.

Cool deal. I’m used to the Eclipse my dad used to have I guess - it had a seperate tank in the hatch.


ok i got a problem with my rear wiper sprayer.

i can hear the motor running in the front,but no juice comes out the back.

the front sprayers work but not the back one.

any idea where the lines run from the front to the back?

maybe someone unhooked them or its kinked or cut somewhere?

any info would be great

o yeah its a 1990 LS


I found mine were kinked… they run along the drivers side under the doorstep. Pull that up and you’ll see some clips running the tube…

going to check now.
im also going to try what everyone else says on here “poke a pin in the hole” technic.

Mine didn’t spray very well…So I did the pole it with the pen trick…I also aimed it up a little bit so when I spray it now and sprays all over the car behind me…

Good for those pesky tailgaiters :stuck_out_tongue:

hahah james bond style

wasnt kinked under the door step anywhere…

there is no fluid running to that point as well,i cant see blue in the line at all.

could the hose be off at the pump?

and whats the easiest way to get to the pump?

another thing i noticed when i was following the line.it could be a bad thing if the line gets a hole in it at the fuse box under the dash.it could short everything out so i moved mine as far away from it as i could.

the odds of it getting a hole are slim… just make sure you don’t use plain water which would freeze in the line, expand, and cause it to crack…

when I bought my car the line to the back was just dry from not being used, had to run the motor for a few minutes before any fluid came out the back

i ran it for awhile and nothing came out.
i didnt want to burn the motor up so its going to have to wait for now since its to cold to get outside and work on it.
i would have it in the garage but theres a bmw in there right now.
i was think of cutting the hose under the doorstep and blowing threw the hose and reconnect it with a hose connector and see what happens then

I’d go farther n’ see where it connects up near the tank…

do you guys seriously need to spray the hatch with that shit…when i still had the wiper tank installed…i used it maybee a handfull of times on the front…and not once on the back.

and that was during the winter too…only for 1/2 of winter tho.

i wish i could relate but i pulled my tank and the hoses and everything else cuz i had the same prob. i just keep the teg clean

wow… thats one thing i definatly couldnt remove… i dont care how “clean” it looks without it…

I use my front sprayers at least daily in the winter, rear not that much. but the front is always getting salty and needs cleaning.