Q on lsvtec ecu.. pls reply

imma tryin to go lsvtec… i was wondering on the computer part end of it… i bought a itr ecu which obviously is an obd2… well we all have obd1 cars on this site so i have to sell it… should i get an obd1 ecu from a gsr or leave my ecu, chip it and buy a vtec controller???

I don’t know about you but I have OBD0. I’d assume about half the people on this site do actually.

well i got a 92’… i thought thats obd 1… i shouldn’t have assumed about everyone

I have heard by many folks that the P28 is the best ECU for an OBD1 ls/vtec. It’s from a SOHC VTEC civic if you didn’t know. They’re cheap and you can them chipped for your DOHC application and you don’t have to worry about extra O2 sensors I believe, only the one.

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well i got a 92’… i thought thats obd 1… i shouldn’t have assumed about everyone

Your right about that…i have an ls/vtec and i have the 94 gsr P72 ecu…i wouldn’t get a chipped one go for the gsr ecu much better.


i guess the P28 IS one of the best to use, but it will not plug in to our factory harness, no??? i know i dont want to get into rewiring the whole ecu harness. i think the JDM crx ecu plugs right in. plus you can get it prog’d for ls/vtec which is what i’m doing.

I would suggest getting a p28 and chipping it, if you run a gsr ecu and are using a single runner intake manifold you’ll get a check engine light because the ecu will be looking for the iab on the gsr intake manifold.

so i should chip my LS ecu and buy a vtec controller??? that wont work

well, thats how my car is set up right now, stock computer and vtec controller but i was told by Joe Locash that it’ll run quite a bit better with a vtec ecu. They can reprogram it to not look for knock sensor, 2nd o2 sensor or oil pressure. This is probably the best way to go.