question about 94 teg motor asap

i did searches for almost an hour, i just can’t find what i’m looking for, so i’m gonna ask :slight_smile:

i have a motor, tranny and ecu and harness from an 94 teg,
what is the diffrence betwenn this and my 90 motor? from the scarchs i think i came up with the 94+ have a b18b? is that correct?
and when/if i do a swap do i need to chande the ecu and harness, from what i found the answe is no, but i have it so maybe i should?
last question what are the stats on these motor?

The B18B swaps over just fine, as this engine is identical to your current B18A. Just use your current tranny and ECU…they’ll work fine. There’s no need to switch your harness and ECU with the B18B parts, unless you want to switch over to OBD-I, which is a pain in the butt! I don’t know how smog laws are up there where you live (if you have any), so you might want to look into that (OBD-I engine in a non-OBD car). Personally, I wouldn’t even mention it, and they probably wouldn’t even notice (hopefully!). Also, swap over your current intake/exhaust manifolds. If I remember correctly, the B18B was rated at 142 hp/127 lb-ft.

Hope this helps…

hi, I am doing the oppisite swap. want to sell parts? let me know.