Question about Check Engine Light? Spark PLug wire?

Hey people, i got a question. WHen I remove my third spark plug wire I get a Check Engine Light. DOes it have to do that, I don’t really remember, but I think it doesn’t do it with the other plugs? If it isn’t normal what you guys think it can be the problem. WHen i checked the ecu code it came out with code 9 - No. 1 Cylinder Position. :bang:

You’re turning on your car with the spark plug wire out? :tsk:


it hasnt turned on for me, when i check for a missfiring plug i pull out the wire and one by one and i never get a CEL.

No the car is on, but to check for something, I unplugged a plug wire one by one, and as soon as I take out number 3, it gives me the cell.