question on wiring inside a 1990 teg

i am wondering if anyone can tell me a name for the part i am looking for.the engine bay wiring harness hooks up to anoter harness then goes in the car that harness runs behind the dash to the ecu?i need to replace and and everyone keeps offering me the harness for clock,glove and other accecories anyone help?

Its called the main harness, and its a lot bigger than you might imagine. It runs from your passenger side headlight, up the fender, through the firewall, to the ecu, across the car (behind the dash), back through the firewall, down the fender and down to the driver side headlight.

There are different smaller parts that plug into this harness which then go to other things. For instance there is a harness that is able to be removed w/ the dash when you unconnect it from the main harness. But in general, the main harness is just one HUGE wiring harness. Definitely not something fun to replace. I’ve removed one from a wrecked car before, but haven’t installed one. Its much more work than I’d want to do.

thanks for the info.i dont wanna do it either so im paying a guy.