rear brake rotor singing to me

especially when i start the car cold, my drivers side brake rotor is warped or something, cause it repeatedly scrapes against the pad or something. when i get the car warm and brake a few times, it goes away, unless i hit a big bump, and then it makes the noise and goes away. it’s that metal to metal sound like brake pads are gone except it doesn’t make the sound when i brake it’s when i’m not braking- anyone had this dilemma- thanks guys-

Just out of curiousity, have you checked the brake pads for wear? Metal-to-metal contact is a no-no…

Hey hondapower

Do u remember me? I’m that ideot that put the octane booster into the empty tank.

Do you know what exactly happened then? I get this check engine light and my car has problems now. What is causing it, do you know? You seemed to know when you posted the reply.

Thanks for any help

I’ve got the same thing and I know exactly what you’re talking about. I think our Calipers are dieing.


I’ve had that problem too… just replace your brake pads it will go away, if you don’t bother with it for awhile I think you might even damage your rotor.