Rear Rotor Bolts?

Hey, im getting this weird metal on metal chunking noise from the rear passenger side brakes. Upon closer inspection i found the 2 perpendicular rotor bolts to be missing. Without these the rotor has a small amount of ‘play’ in it. Would that be causing the weird noises?

This only happens while braking and only once the car (and brakes) have warmed up…

I took it to midas yesterday, they gave it a brake inspection and they said it was the pads, i switched em for some new ones and didnt see a change.

Any other suggestions?

Thanks, alan.

What I do know is that the bolts are used to hold the rotors in place. They aren’t entirely important because once you got your wheel bolted in place, the wheel holds the rotor’s down.

Correct, your lugs pressing your wheels to the rotor to the hub is 1000x stronger than the stupid little rotor screws. There should be zero play when the wheel is attached, however.

As for your squeaking, it probably is the pads. Mine squeak too. How’s the pad wear (even?)?