Rebuilding OBD0 Vtec Distributor

Hey guys. I got an obd0 b16a in my teg. One of the coil packs are cracked and is the suspected reason causing a miss fire to happen when the car is running at a steady cruising rpm below 4000. I believe it still misses after that until vtec engages but the engine is spinning fast enough that it is only slightly noticeable. I’m wondering If there is a distributor i can use in place of it(I remember being told the distributor off a b18a will work but doesn’t bolt on correctly) or if i can use the guts from another usdm distributor to rebuild mine. $200 some dollars to buy one doesn’t sound like my cup of tea… I don’t even think they come rebuilt… so sad

u can use an ls distributor but u gotta cut off one of the legs so u can mount it up… not the best way but has been done b4. why not just look around for a good used one?

because a good used one from where i live will have to be ordered and it seems that that price starts at $200. That’s why i was curious if the guts out of another distributor would be interchangeable so i can just rebuild my casing that i have right now and then not have to worry about it having any problems. catch my drift?

Yes It can be done, this was odb1, but im sure you could find a suitable donor and make it work

i’m sure it can be done but that is exactly the problem i don’t have money to be blowing on distributors to find out which one’s guts are interchangeable. I was wondering if someone already knew which distributor parts i could use. Anyone?