removing "A" emblems

<<I searched and only found info on filling holes etc…>>
I want to remove my front and rear A emblems but they won’t budge. I put them on a year or two ago so I know there aren’t holes, it’s just the adhesive pad that came on the emblems. These are the aftermarket plate type so there is a lot of contact. I used a hair dryer, I wedged fishing line in there and made some progress. I need ideas on how to get these off withought damaging the paint.

and I did a search on this

well… a couple of months ago i bought some red “A” emblems, and the front one got stolen. my hood got a little damaged in the process, but no biggie. anyway point being that i got mad and i removed the rear one as well. all i did was wrap a flat head screw driver with an old tshirt, and CAREFULLY wedge it in there and pry if off slowly. it worked great. the only thing was that some of the glue was still left over. i took care of that with a high pressure water hose that i have. the paint was perfect though. HTH

I wish someone would steal mine too, without damage to the car. I tried the screwdriver thing too but everytime it tears even the strongest cloth. I can get the glue off but I’ve got to get the emblem off first.

Um…i just used a screw driver for leverage and pulled hard. It popped right off.

teg tips…use dental floss or fishing line should work. it’ll take a while…then use some bumper sticker remover to remove the rest of the adhesive… it may take a while…don’t rub too much with the adhesive remover.

Be very careful!!! When I took mine off the clear coat came with it. It would be much easier just to get a Carbon Fiber hood! Oh yeah, try to heat it up with a hair dryer, that might work.