removing bumper support

is there anyway to put on th bumepr w/out the bumper support? mayeb zip tie it up? :stuck_out_tongue:

no. dont do that. if you are concerned about weight you can get a jdm one or drill a butt load of holes on yours

i want to remove it to fit an intercooler, not save weight :stuck_out_tongue:

:tsk: :tsk: :tsk: :tsk:

the metal bumper support is there for a reason. remove it and rear end someone and see what happens. i guarantee it won’t be a pretty sight(if you survive it). why not just get a smaller intercooler to fit underneath the bumper support or cut away the bumper support enough to fit the intercooler.

The funny thing is that a big intercooler will fit in there with only cutting a little out. if it dont then its to big and need to be on a drag car.

haha no, this ic goes above the crossmember. No way to save the middle. ANyways I cut out the middle of the crossmemebr completely and it fit, thx :slight_smile: