Replaced One mount, Broke Another

Hey guys whats up, :wave:

Well, I bought a 90 integra rs For $650 Cash, :ohyeah:

Only things wrong with it was tranny and broken upper left motor mount

The other mounts looks in real good condition.

I reaplaced the upper left motor mount last night,

After that I took it for a test drive and When I shifted after test driving for about 30 min I broke my Rear Engine mount

6 Puck Stage 3 Clutch
Magna Flow exhuast

And Guess what. I went out driving today
And When I Went WOT and Shifted into 4th Gear,
I Chirped 4th gear!

And I can shirp 4th anytime I want!

Not too bad for a mostly stock car.

Well, Since I seem to be tearing up OEM Mounts,
I currently have ES Motor mounts inserts waiting
to be installed,
Along with a Asco 8lb flywheel

Iโ€™ll also fill the mounts With the inserts with window cualk or whatever it is,

WIll the es mount inserts pretty much take care of my problem.

It also might becuase there 15 years old.


the es inserts are great, and should take car of the it no problem. and you donโ€™t need to fill the mounts either, the inserts do great on their own.