replacing alternator

how hard is to do this? how long should it takes??

I know all the haynes manual says to remove the driver side axle, but can the alternator be removed without removing the axle?? I know this is possible, but what is the exact procedure??

Thanks a lot!

rumor has it that if you remove the oil filter (and don’t care about your knuckles) you can spin it around a certain way where it will just fit through.

Either way… Not Fun!

Thank god I’ve never had to change mine…(I hope I didn’t jinx it by saying that)

One day I was driving down the road and the Telltale light came on. My heart sank. I pulled off the road and looked into the engine to find the Belt had snapped off. I started cheering and jumping up and down on the side of the road, “Yipeee!!! It’s only the belt!!!” :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, I though it could be my alternator, but it turn out my battery is going bye bye… I checked the voltage with the car stopped and it was 12,42V… which is a little low! i’ll start by the battery, it’s cheaper and a lot easier to do!!!

you could take off the intake manifold first… plenty of room to operate after that; of course, many find this way even more painful…