Replacing lines

So I’m looking to do a wire tuck and also replace lines with steel braided lines. All lines except for fuel and brake lines.

I’m going to need to buy lines individually as they don’t make such a kit, so what are the main lines I should have covered.



I’m guessing you’re not getting much help because the lines people typically replace w/ braided stainless steel are the brake and fuel lines - the ones you specifically said you don’t want to do. It’s not as common as a practice to use braided steel for coolant or vacuum lines. And often when those are done they are done with a ghetto cosmetic covering, not a true replacement of the line/hose.

The reason I’m asking is because at classic auto shows you see these cars with engine bays where everything is steel braided lines, including coolant hoses so that’s why I was asking for DAs.

I figured there were more lines than just brake/fuel, but I guess not. Alright so I’ll probably go with Samco radiator hoses and leave everything else the way it is.


You can cover those other hoses, such as radiator hoses, but usually it’s just a cheap braided cover that fits over your stock hose, then fake AN fittings which integrate into standard worm drive hose clamps. Personally I think that shit is horrible. You can convert all of your coolant lines to true AN fittings and hoses, but that’s going to be expensive and require fabrication. If you search through the Shaving and Tucking thread on H-T you’ll see a bunch of good info. Seems now the new thing is actually tucking your radiator and getting all associated pieces as hidden as possible.