Replacing Master Brake Cylinder

Anyone ever replace their master brake cylinder. any estimate on how long it would take and any special tools. i was told by my local mech. that only the dealership can do it cuz you need a special tool to bleed it, but it doesn’t say anything bout it in my haynes manual.

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special tool to bleed my ass. any bleeder kit will work or even some clear hose and a bottle. best thing to have though is 2 other friends, one to pump the pedal, one to watch the MC level and you to lie on your back and bleed the lines.

some flare wrenches would make life easier so you don’t strip the nuts on the hardlines. job is really straight forward.

thanx…appreciate…maybe i’ll do that this weekend.

Brake Master Cylinder Seal needed

Hello all:

Before you off to get the Master Brake Cylinder part, there is also an oil seal that need to be replace as well. OEM Cost like $3.50 or so. I got my MBC from Central Auto part for $29.00 with lifetime warrant on it.
HTH, This info based on 92 GSR
Good luck

im going to be replacing mine soon also. i have heard that its not hard, hopefully its true.

It takes about an hour to do. Make sure you have a flare nut wrench (10mm and 12mm).

good looking…
hey archon, where at in the OC do you stay…i’m out in the LB…also saw that you had posted in the auto to manny post earlier…had some questions about that and also finding parts for this…no luck in any of the local junkyards…


can anyone walk me through replacing the master cylinder?

If you keep posting all over this site and not reading what we have posted, we can not help you. If you need more help that this let me know.

24 Jun 2006, 08:44:49
I have a 91 book just like yours . In section 19-11 there is a picture of it all you have to do is is remove the two lines, then remove the two nuts that hold it to the break booster it will then pull right off to the front of the car.

i know i looked but i need to know wat to do as far as if i need any special tools or anything is there any oder on stuff how to bleed the master cylinder i see the pic in the manual im just trying to get instructions not pics. i appreciate u trying to help but im looking for more

email me with a phone number and I will talk you through it or I will give you my number and you can call me… Rlan107@aol

alright man i decided ill prolly do it tomorrow cuz i found a ride to work cuz i didnt wanna rush it and mess up but ill call u wen i do it email me at alright man thanx

I sent you email

It is a real easy job should take you less that 1 hour our first time.

alright man thanx