Replacing Timing Belt.........

Okay, did a search on this & didn’t find much, but while i’ve got everything torn apart replacing the timing belt, I’ve found that I should go ahead & replace the water pump…anything else I should replace/inspect while i’m in there??

cheack all seals make sure none are leaking

isn’t there a balance shaft belt or something I should check out too?

Timing belt replacement

When I did my timing belt at 150 K , I replaced all the fan belts (A/C, Alternator) the water pump, the A/C idler pully, timing belt idler pully and the tension springs. The A/C idler was shot and the timing idler needed replacement.

On the first timing belt replacement, I only changed the A/C
and Alt belts and the water pump.

it should come with the timing belt.unless you buy everything from the dealer then its piece by piece

go with OEM just for that added measure of safety…

If you are on a budget you can get by with just a Timing Belt, Water Pump, Timing Belt Tensioner & Valve Cover Gaskets (and plug grommets).

Thats what I did.

B series engines don’t have balance shafts. The water pump and timing belt tensioner are very good to do at the same time, and valve cover gasket if it isn’t too new. The accessory belts and cam end pluc can be replaced since they will be off, but if they are in good condition that isn’t necessary.

Front main seal, change it!!! Or suffer the conciquiences. boohahahaha.

revhigh… from you saying that… it sounds like u have had expernece with that…

can you explain how i would go about checking the front main… if there is a way without pulling it apart?.. because the car were about to do the belt on turns out to be leaking a decent amount of oil now (it was almost half a quart of ps fluid but none since first week :slight_smile:

already changing all top end seals… and the main oil seal by the tranny isnt gonna get done right now… even changing the distrib o-ring tho

hahahaha. Fortunatly no. Your consequence would be tearing it all down again. You have to take off the crank pully, remove seal and reinstall new seal.

how often do they go? I don’t remember every hearing of one going bad.

they usualy don’t make noise.

how much work over the normal timing belt work would it involve?

if u got skillz, not much.

theres an inspection or weep hole(whatever you wanna call it) at the bottom of the timing belt cover… if theres oil(make sure its not from valve cover gasket) chances are it’s ONE of your front seals

seal removal tool(some people use a screwdriver rounded on the edges) and a seal installer(a socket that fits over the seal bigger than theoutter diameter and deep enough blah blah blah…) as long as you don’t go too deep or to shallow you’ll be ok(note that this is the ghetto way if you don’t have the proper tools)

Someone told me that there was when i was looking up how to do my timing belt but i could never find one in the diagrams in my chiltons. I found out there there is no such thing on our engines. So no theres not.

Changing this could be a blessing or a burden, somtimes the old one will wear a groove and when you replace it it will actually leak worse. These are kind of a thing that you dont want to touch unless you have to. But read up on it a little more.

A sign of the front main leaking would be a puddle of oil, not coming from the oil pan lol.

You should replace your water pump and tentioner while doing a timing belt, and if your engine is old enough maybe a oil pump.

had a seal removal tool we used on the mustang… tip broke off when removing (damn napa tools)

is it posable to do the screw thing on our cars?.. screw a screw into the seal and pull it out that way?

o yea… just to add on to the oil pump thing… i remember hearing if your near 300k miles change it… so my guess is anything above 250k miles change it just to be safe… failed oil pump will really fuck u