Restoring paint

My back bumper is very dull and when you pass your hand over it it feels very rough. There is no shine on it and it really stands out. How do I restore the shine? Can it be restored? I dont know if its noticeable in the picture but if you look closely you can see what I mean. Anyone have any suggestions or had a similar problem?

if its just dull then what you can do is wet sand it down 1000 grit sand paper ( lightly you dont want to sand the paint off ) just enough to so that you can spray gloss and the gloss can stick… to get that shine again.

but if the paint has faded and doesnt match your car paint then your screwed and you’ll need to repaint it

From the looks of it, the paint already faded pretty bad to do much

The rough feeling your getting is just stuff attaching the paint from years and years of dirt.

Only way to get rid of that rough feeling is a claybar

After a good polish and wax. See if that does anything.

i do detail for acura, get 3m finesse and a polisher/high speed sander. squirt some finesse on it, throw a buffing bonnet on the polisher and shine it up!

Im not sure what the 3M stuff is. Where can I get it and could i mess the paint up even more since I dont have any experience with a polisher/buffer?

Does the claybar thing have to be done before or after the polish/wax/cleaner?

try you local checkers, or autozone they should have it. ask for 3m finesse-it or 3m machine polish. no you wont damage your car if you dont have experience with a buffer…well…id be amazed if you did. if the stores dont carry it ebay it up! you can get a pretty good sized bottle for 20 bucks shipped.

ok wut u wanna do is color sand with 1000-1200 grit sandpaper. then after u go over the bumper lightly. buff it until u can start seeing the clear coat come back. then wax. i bet if u search there are more detailed steps!