Reverse grind even if I dont let the clutch out after I start the car

Ok sorry bout the lame subject, couldnt think of how to word it. When I start my car, the tranny will be either in 1st or N and I have the clutch on the floor, and then put it in reverse, without ever letting the clutch up, it grinds the hell out of the gear, I mean it sounds so bad it sounds like a mis-shift above 5k lol. And no I am not rolling when doing this.

I have my clutch adjusted so that it starts to catch a little more than an inch, inch and a half off the floor.

It will not do it if I put the tranny into 4th or 5th, then reverse, but I dont see how the tranny could grind, since the wheels are not moving, and the tranny isnt rotating since I havnt engadged the clutch since I started the car…

Incase this is related, I also somtimes have trouble getting it in first when sitting still, even if I push really hard it just wont go in, till I put it in second then back into first, then its fine. However it slides into first just fine when moving, so I dont see how that would be a syncro going bad.

Any ideas?? On what either problem could be?


my car ground in R when I was rolling back, but the deal is, after i looked at some diagrams, there is of course no syncro for R, and there is just a simple little fork that switches over. it is connected with the 5th gear assy, so it makes some sense that when you put it in 5 then R, it doesn’t grind. it may be a clutch adj issue, as in the clutch plate is worn and you need to redo the clutch setup, or you could have a worse problem. for now, as i am sure you are doing, put it in 5th first, then R. and also, i never park my car in gear, even on slopes, just the way i do it. i always stall the shit if someone parks my car in gear, but rare that anyone ever drives but me. just get established in the routine of going 5 then R. else, you are talking about opening up the T, which is a huge task.

also, you may want to change your tranny oil. honda MTF or castrol syntec blend 10W30 work very well, the latter actually provides better shifts for me.

The clutch is a clutchmasters stage 3, that is only a few months old, seems to be working correctly…

I have honda MTF in there, the tranny leaks out the bottom so I have to refil it once a month or so, looks like the tranny was slamed into the ground when the car bottomed out or somthing cuz theres a buch of cracks, I tryed to seal it up with JB weld, it helped, but it still leaks lol.

Thanks for the sugestions, any other ideas?

Totally normal Honda tranny issue.

Hold the clutch to the floor. Go from neutral, to a forward gear, to reverse, all in one fluid motion.

Say byebye to grind.

:werd: it’s funny when you drive some other car that’s a manual after you’ve gotten used to doing that every time you start your car, people look at you funny sometimes.

with my car i put it into 4th, let the clutch out enough so the car moves forward a little bit, keep the clutch in and put it into reverse.

works like a charm everytime.

as IdntGlwIglisten said, it a tottaly normal Honda tranny issue.

you should have it adjusted so it grabs high


not TOO high, but like an inch from the top. That way you know your clutch is completely disengaged when you press the pedal. So you don’t get premature wear…

its written in the owners manual. they suggest putting it into a drive gear then putting it in reverse.

I Do 4th Then Reverse Everytime And No Grinds, But If I Go Strait To Reverse It Doesnt Wana Go In But I Never Try To Force It, Jus Do 4th And Reverse It Works Everytime On Everycar Ive Had

Far as i know, that’s pretty normal with most manual transmissions. I had to do that with both of my trucks that had 5-spds in them. I got that funny look from passengers, too. :slight_smile:

Also, with it being hard to get into first occasionaly, that’s probably just from the gears stopping at a point where they won’t mesh. Shifting into second will move the gears enough for first to engage. Sometimes it helps if you ease the clutch out a bit to spin the tranny. Again, pretty normal stuff for most manual transmissions.

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pirate252 - Try to adjust it to the top as suggested above and see what you get. I have had a CM st3 for years and no problems with it.

I wouldnt say its just a Honda thing, alot of other cars are like that too. I had a Subaru, Toyota, and even a Jeep that would grind in reverse unless you put it in first gear first.

He said he’s having trouble getting into 1st as well - and that even if he NEVER lets the clutch up after starting the car it grinds going into reverse.

His throwout bearing is shot or the clutch isn’t releasing fully.

His problem is clutch adjustment, if his clutch is grabbing an inch off the floor, then when he presses the clutch pedal, it isn’t disengaging enough to make smooth shifts. Adjust your cable, the engagement needs to be alittle higher, towards the middle of the pedal movement, and still leave an inch at the top of the pedal of freeplay.

yea i no a idiot that had his clutch adjusted so it engages soon as u start to let the clutch out and jus fucked his tranny up hella bad, it was a b18 90 crx , it always got stuck in gear , what a loser

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