Rota center cap

I just finished sanding and painting my Rota center cap flat black. I have heard that the caps fall off easy. For those of you who have there Rota caps on have you had this problem of them falling off. It took me 2 hours to complete them all and I don’t want to lose them right away

I think my brother lost one of his. My gf hasn’t lost any yet, but she’s only had her wheels for a few weeks…

I never lost the caps when i had my C8s for about a year.

What if you lost one? where can you get replacements orignal rota centercaps?
I was searching and found this post… I figured I’ll just pose the questions.
I have to get all 4 matching caps though… cause it’s driving me crazy.

you can purchase them throught the rota website

Ms-TEGGY… … thank you VERY much! I was on ROTA’s website… but this one is diffrent than the one you get through google when I searched…
I’ll order some tonight.

I have the black C8’s with the polished lip. Would it look good with brushed aluminum ones?

I believe those were the one’s that came with my c10’s I have pics on my gf’s computer customized the center caps. I’ll post them after work.