rough idle, HELP

I’m new to G2 Integra, please help me out here.
My car has this rough idle rpm, bouncing between 500 and 1000. When it falls below 700, it shakes as the engine wanna die. Give it a little gas, it bounce back to 1000 and the shaking is gone. Anyone knows why? Is there anything that I can tweak to make it idle at higher rpm? BTW, I have no idea what have been replaced on this car before I bought it.
Thanks in advance.

try adjusting your idle speed. sounds like it’s out of adjustment:cool:

thanks for your input. but do you know how to adjust it? is it a DIY in the garage?

jus unplug the connector for the IACV which is located on the back of the intake manifold toward the firewall. start the car while it’s unplugged. you might need an extra person if the idle is set too low so the other person can give it a little gas while you adjust it up to spec and until it stay running without giving it gas. you adjust it by turning the screw that’s in front of the throttlebody on top(flathead screwdriver). for mine it’s set to 700 -/+ 50 rpms. once that’s set, shut the car off and reconnect the IACV plug and reset the computer.:smiley:

tools need: flathead screwdriver

thanks a lot, will try it this weekend.

be very carefull when adjusting that air trim. Is isn’t actually an idle adjustment screw but rather it trims the air into the tb and is preset at the factory. You are usually better off solving the original problem rather than bypassing it by messing with the trim screw (they put epoxy over that screw for a reason)… If your screw doesn’t have epoxy over it, we may have just solved your problem…

Make sure you don’t have a vac leak or bad fast idle valve, etc… Start by checking the easy stuff (wires, plugs, distributor, etc.). and then move on from there.

It could also be a failing coil or ICM (aka ‘ignitor’).


so, is there any visual sign indicating a faulty distributor or igniter? I know there was a recall from Acura for our Integra regarding the distributor, but I don’t know if mine was replaced or not. Any means to verify if my distributor is good or bad?