SAFC tunning question

How high can i lean it out before something blows up? right now i have it at %20 pretty much across the whole rpm band. On the Hi setting

I have some JG 303 cams.

what are your air/fuel numbers, why are you leaning it out? depending on your setup you could be already doing damage!!!
with “bigger” cams generaly you want to rich’en it up on the top end but on the low end a little lean usualy not 20%!!! in simple terms “bigger” cams mean more air flow and mean you would need more fuel to make the power…

it depends on the fuel pressure setting.

thats for sure, but if your putting the safc -20% all the way across wouldn’t it be better to just lower your fuel pressure if you could?

I dont have a FPR

thats what i figured