SAMCO Radiator Hoses Fitment


Any advice on getting a set of these:

I have a GS-R with the B17A1, and I am not sure at all if the radiator hoses from the B18A1, B1 non-vtec will work. king motorsports seems to think so, but any backup for them? I want to get a set of these cause I need new ones and anyway, these are cool. this says 90-93 integra. help me out here. thanks

ps-Same ‘?’ for these heatshield gaskets. I should get the one for the B16, right, as the B17’s head is really a B16 PR3-2 head, no?

Samco makes hose kits for the JDM CRX SIR,that is the one you will need.
The kit number is TCS91C. I bought mine from Forge motorsport inc for $ 124.41 They were a little more expensive than King Motorsports price.

doesn’t appear that Forge carries them, but I see that part number a King Moto, at

Can I please get another opinion, I believe you but I want to hear someone else say it. It is $ 125 and I don’t want to fuck around with sending them back if they don’t fit or some shit. if kind moto would even let me.

One more time, the hoses I need for a 93 GS-R (stock mostly) are the ones for the CRX Si-R 88-91 (B Series CRX car) SAMCO part TCS91C?

Thanks a million, or you could show me a pic if you got em…

Any one know if any of our current sponsors are selling silicon hoses for a GSR?