Sanding fiberglass bumber

I had a quick question about which grit sandpaper or sand sponge you should use on a fiberglass body kit. I know not to use something too aggressive but I just wanted someone with experience to give me a heads-up on it. Thanks.

P.S. It’s a black widow kit, gonna be nice.


i need to know the same thing



Depends on teh body kit.

If nothing needs to be done with it majorly, and it’s going to get primed and painted asap, then just run over it with wet sand paper over 400grit. Go as high as you think you need to go to achieve proper smoothness.

If you still need to do some patch up work, (i.e. more fiberglassing, scratch and dent repair), i used a maximum of 150 grit, then worked up to 200, then 400, then 800 and then 2000 before the primer coat.

And remember to use lots of tack cloth or a smooth wet rag to clean off any debris.