Screws from front rotor wont come off!!!!!

For the life of me I can not take my rotors off because of these 2 stupid screws!! Is there anything I can do for them to come off or do I have to take the car to a shop for them to do it?

drill em out, and please search next time, this has been covered, with many people arguning over it for days…lol

Drill them out like lowntegra said. You can replace them or just go without them.

Did you try a impact driver to take off the screw’s or a regular screw driver? Spray a little pb blaster and try the impact driver, work’s wonder’s.

an impact driver is the best tool to use if its a stubborn screw. and putting it back on with an impact driver is a good idea too. not exactly needed but thats just how i do it.

next time put anti-seize on the underside of the head (not on the threads… you can if you want though)

I think I might drill them out since that is the only thing I have at my disposal. Any specific type of bit or size I should use?

high-speed steel rated… one slightly larger than the diameter of the screw itself… i’m not sure exactly what size it is off hand…

correct tool for the job


Usually you can get at least one screw out if you are working on the brakes in pairs. Just pick a drill bit based on the one you do manage to get out, a bit being slightly larger than the thread part. I just did mine and the screw head popped right off.

Then you can use a screw extractor for the leftover part of the screw. Those screws aren’t really necessary so you could drive without them, except every time you loosen your wheels those disks will move a slight bit.

The part that seizes for me is the bottom of the threads exposed to the elements on the hub side. For the new screws put grease or anti-seize there, or just lightly screw back on.