Short shifter problems

I tried installing my short shifter, but the exhaust got in the way. I could drop the exhaust, but I already have the car lowered 3 inches, and it drags the exhaust on speedbumps already. Is there a short shifter that has the same bottom length as the stock one but less length on the top?

Dude, that would completely defeat the purpose of a “short shifter”. The idea is to move the fulcrum point on the shifter so that the distance traveled by the end attached to the shift linkage moves farther with less movement than the original. By hacking off the top of the shifter and NOT moving the ball, you may have the appearance of a short shiter, but you’re shifting distance is still the same. But of course, this is just my opinion.
Remove your heat shield. That usually solves the problem.

Yeah, you either have to remove the heat shield or cut a big piece out of it (which is what I did). Otherwise it rubs on the shield and makes it really hard to shift.

RPMv…'s right about the way the shifter is made. It has to be longer on the bottom to do what it is intended to do…shorten the throw of the shift action.