signs of a badd differential

ok well my car has had vibrating issues under acceration
i changed out the axles, and still same thing, one thing i noticed is that on the pass side right were the axle goes into the tranny there is an up and down play, i dont know if thats normal or not, sumone told me that my diff is bad.
thanks in advance guys

might not actualy be the Diff, but the bearing it sits in.

From what I know there shouldnt be any up and down play where the axel slides into the trany

Is there a way to tell if the dif is going? like a noise or anything? If I leave in first hard, it makes almost a clicking noise but i can’t tell where its coming from. trans has 240k so it wouldnt suprise me, but just thought i’s see if anyone has any opinions. Thanks.

thats what i read it could be the carrier bearing,
do you know of a way to diagnose it?

anyone? im interested to know so i can check mine, before i buy a trany i don’t need.