skunk2 manifold

hey what do you guys think of the skunk 2 manifold…worth it or not? my engine is pretty built with i/h/e cams, pistons, flywheel…

non VTEC or VTEC?

non vtec, im thinking either the skunk 2 manifold, or a safc…

I have one on my teg. I love it. Its also alot lighter and looks good. I can tell a power gain at high rpms and that was befor I put in a clutch and flywheel. If you do it your self make sure you also clean up the thotle body and the intectors.

And no I cant spell

I have one on my B20Z

mind you I never drove the b20z without the Skunk2, but for an engine that is supposed to be more about low down power, it pulls up top like crazy


yeah great manifold especially with a light flywheel to get you up in the rpm’s quicker.

man u guys r lucky i have a skunk2 im on my car an geez everything went down hill since then. i shoulda listened when ppl said don get it if u dont have cams its the truth!!! no bottom end its like have a stock b16 wit no vtec

skunk2 manifold

So you need performance upgraded cams for the manifold to actually have an impact in performance? Could you still install it with out the upgraded cams or will it mess up your power?

I have a b20… so there is still enough low end power

I never drove the b20 without it, so I can’t really say, but the cams and a new head are goign in next spring… it should help the whole project out

Get the IM skunk than get the safc… If you plan on a turbo later than dont get the skunk IM get one that is made for tubo.