Skunk2 SS install problem

I just got the single bend Skunk2 short shifter. We tried to install it today and ran into a problem. With the SS installed, the shift linkage keeps hitting the my RS-R ex-mag exhaust especially for 5th and reverse. I was wondering how everyone over came this problem?

the shifter usually scrapes the metal shield exhaust but should not be any problem. post a pic up so we can get a better idea.

yeah, it is probably hitting the heat shield. you can just remove that, I had to do that with my last two cars. I did make it work one time by putting washers between the shield and car to space it a little further down from the shifter. I have the skunk2 dual bend, and I just removed the shield on this car so I didnt have to deal with modifying the shield. if that is already removed, you may be scraping on the exhaust piping itself, and what some people do to resolve that is to put a small indent into the piping in the place that is lacking clearance. I hope that helps, and enjoy your new shifter!

^ Yea it was hitting the heat shield so I removed it but it’s the flange on the RS-R exhaust. Sorry didn’t pics as I got fustrated and re-installed the stock shifter.