smog test!

hey guys i just came back from a smog test and i failed. my nox was 43 points too high. the smog tech said it can be my cat. i don’t want to throw out 100 bucks for a cat and still have it not pass. i already read all the other threads about this but unsual they don’t pass by a few hundreds. i’m just missing by 43. i already tried looking for heet, that gasoline coolent thing but i can’t find it. what should i do? i need to drive the car it’s expired already. thanks.

you can pay your registration even if you don’t have your smog done. they just don’t issue you a sticker, that way you don’t have to pay any late fees.

heet, you can find at walmart, autozone, pepboys, napa.

i have a 92-93 cat sitting in my garage, you can see through it so should be fine. if you want it i’ll sell it to you for $20.

Before you blow money on a cat - check your timing, and reset it to stock specs. I’m betting it’s probably too advanced.

i don’t think your suppose to see through a cat. isn’t it like honeycombs inside?

i’m pretty syure my timimg isn’t advanced

i don’t mean clearly but you can see light going through, so it isn’t clogged.

i read in another thread that you can’t tell if it is clogged or not. well anyways i have a 90 integra so i don’t know if it’ll find or not.

If you’re “pretty sure” it’s not advanced and not POSITIVE… go get someone to set the timing properly for you.

and yes, you should be able to see light thru a cat.

i failed nox with 1200 at 25mph, limit was 800, 900 at 15mph and limit was 780. welded me a new cat for $125 and pass with flying numbers of 59 at 25mph and 79 at 15mph. Made a big change for me by replacing the cat. I tried at cooler thermostat, change fuel filter, retard timing and pour heet anti-gas freeze line and still didn’t pass until i changed the cat… good luck…


where did you get your cat at?

just went to a muffler shop and told them i need to replace my cat to a new one so the guy just weld off my old one and replace it with a new one. All i did was verify the year of my car, model, and make…

ic, yea i just got a carsound cat installed about an hour or so ago. hopefully i’ll pass smog now.