solid upper control arm bushing and ingal camber kit

i bought some solid upper control arm bushing from a group buy here. i have a problem installing them,cause i have ingal camber kit at the front. the bushing goes in where the camber kits are right now. does this mean if i want the solid bushing i have to take out the camber kits? if i want to keep the camber kits i cant install the solid bushing? thx

If your talking about what I think your talking about then the Camber kit should of already had poly bushings when you bought it. Meaning you bought a second set of bushings for no reason.

My camber kit had solid bushings included…

You already have an anchor type camber kit, so why did you buy uca bushings then? Either leave it as is, or get a different style camber kit and install the bushings.

wen i bought the bushing i totally forgot about the camber kit i had. now if i want to use the solid bushing i guess i have to buy the reno or sk2 right?

or a ball joint kit like the spc

Ok im confused… Why would you spend money on a different camber kit just to install bushings that you already have installed?

Have the link to the group buy?

He doesn’t already have bushings installed, but I would say its not worth the money. He has a camber kit that replaces the uca bushings and anchors.

when i bought the solid bushing i forgot about the camber kit lol. i might put the solid bushung up for sale its brand new in the pakage. thx for all ur inputs n help