some kind of co2 kit

i saw a honda delsol at the local car show the other night and he had some kind of co2 kit on the intake that froze a little tear drop shape thing right infront of the manifold. does any one have something similar to that, i wouldnt mind getting one but i wanna know more bout them first. it looked really cool

They work something like nitrous only nothing is actualy sprayed into the incoming air stream. The little tear drop is actualy a passage for the CO2 and gets realy cold when it is activated. They also make a fuel bar and intercoller accesery with that kit. The whole point of it is to drop intake temperatures to make income air more dense.

is it worth it?? im not boosted… yet… saving up for the turbo kit tho. i could use that to gain a few more hp for now bc itll be a while be4 i get the turbo. i wouldnt mind just gettin it for the purge system either. maybe mess with a few other tegs around cedar park with it. in the past 2 weeks ive had bout 5 or 6 honda civics, stock roll up next to me and act like they wanna run em. i ran the first guy to do it but the others i said screw it bc it aint worth a ticket and i like havin my teg in my drive way not the police impound

i say buy it, research it, then tell us about it… im curious to see what numbers people pull on this…

look at the price. you’re better off getting a used wet kit and running a 50 shot. that will also double benefit as a turbospooler when you go boost. just my opinion.

fuck all that no2 and co2 bs. save up, build an efficient and reliable turbo setup (INCLUDING ENGINE, AND TUNING) $400 could go towards tuning… at that could make or break (literally) your setup. do it once, do it right.

it isnt worth it.

i would spend 400 on a better turbo or manifold. If ur gonna do turbo do it right the first time. Trust me on that one.

u will need at least 1500 for a good kit.