speedometer going crazy

I was wondering if any of you know about speeometer problems. It always jiggles which seem like it would be the speedometer cable. But every once in a while the speedometer just spins all the way around as far as it can go and just shakes there making a spinning noise. It just keeps doing this until I slow down to about 15 mph. then it slowly goes back to the right speed. Then it works for a while again. Could this be anything but cable?

But my main question is, is the speedometer cable a dealer only part? I haven’t been able to find any aftermarket parts. Although I must admit I’ve been low on cash for a while and couldn’t buy one even if I found one.

your cable could be messed from the lack of grease. I was having probs with my speedo and just replaced the cable and everything was fine after. The old cable was frayed? and had rust on it. Its not an exspensive part and not to hard to install either. Around $25 depending on where you live at the dealer.