spring popping out of place

I just had new koni sport shocks installed on neuspeed race springs. Took it for a test drive and all went well.

When I lifted up my car, I could see that the spring was lose and out of its “socket” (is what I call it) at the top. Its not seated in place.

Why does it do that? And how can I fix this?


becouse the shock has more travel than the spring is long.

how do i fix this?

You don’t. your lowering spring is shorter than stock so therefor doesn’t have a load on the shock when it’s lifted.

I’m concerned when I lower the jack, will the spring go back in place? Do I have to worry about anything?

It will be fine. I’ve never had a problem with mine and I’ve had it up in the air more times than I care to remember.

My bad for bringing this back but just wanted to give this thread a happy ending for those that do a search. My springs stay in place everytime I lift the car. After time, it just gets stuck up on the top hat.


Yeah it happens to us G/C guys as well. Every once and a while you’ll hear a POP after youve lowered you car back down. No worries mate.

I had a mechanic who worked on my car and the idiot didn’t align the spring when he put it down so I had some really bad noises and stuff for a little while until I figured out it was the spring that just needed to be rotated into place.

Just make sure they are in pace when you lower it back down. A freind of mine rode around for who knows how long with one of his out of place, didnt hurt anything, but you should still probably make sure that they are aligned when you lower it back down…

Yeah won’t do anything horrible except just screw up your ride and be noisy until you put the spring back into place.