I’ve got a weird high pitched squeaky sound coming from the front suspension every time I turn the wheel to the left. Anyone have any ideas what it could be? My bet is it’s either the brakes(which will be replaced soon anyway) or it’s the driver’s side CV joint that I had the boots replaced about 6 months ago. Is it possible they didn’t fill it up with enough grease? BTW, I got the boots replaced at a Honda garage, what’s their warranty on their labor and parts? TIA.

It’s still squeaking fellas…

hmm is your car lowerd? sometings rubbing you think?>

a screeching sound is just rubing, mine did that sometimes… when ih ave a unfiled boot, now i put in 2 axels, problem is gone

screching noise can be a bad powersterring belt…but u said noise is from driveshaft

so juist get a new axel


my 91 ls is doing the same thing, only mine squeaks when i steer to the right. my axle is that old so i thought it was a ball joint or something.my car is lowered on h&r race/koni yellows.does anyone know how long axles should last on a lowered car.
whitey, let me know how u make out!


My car is lowered with neuspeed sports. It’s not an insane drop so I doubt that has anything to do with it. And I’m not so sure it’s the axles either because don’t they usually make a ticking noise when they are going bad, or is that just the CV joints? That’s why I thought it might be the brakes. Although I don’t know how they would be squeaking when I’m not pressing the brake and they will only squeak when I am steering to the left.

BTW, what’s the warranty on labor done at a Honda garage? Is it a year or 12,000 miles or something like that? I’m afraid when they replaced the boots they didn’t tighten the driver’s side enough because there is usually grease on the inside of my rim. If I took my car back do you think they would put the boot on snuggly and refill it with grease? What if the joint has gone bad, would they replace that too for free if it was their fault? Thanks.

do you have a camber correction kit on your car? If so that could explain some squeaking

It could be a failed bearing, stuck brake pad/ caliper, failed CV joint, rubbing tire, failed power steering system(try taking the belt off temporarily to eliminate this possibility), bent splash guard, ???

Long shot: the power steering belt slips when you turn?

Thanks guys for the ideas. But, I have an ingall’s front camber kit and I removed my power steering belt a long while ago. So, it’s neither of those.

so how do you know it’s not the camber kit? I was saying that if you HAD a camber kit that could cause it to squeak.

I defenetly know what it is, it’s absolutely gotta be the lower ball joint.

Oh, well I’ve got the newer model of the ingall’s kit that doesn’t squeak. I forgot the model # but it’s made from a different material that doesn’t squeak.

sounds silly buy try pulling the backing plate back away fromthe rotor tell me what happens

The backing plate? You mean the dust shield?

Originally posted by cwiniarz
I defenetly know what it is, it’s absolutely gotta be the lower ball joint.

I’d have to agree - I had a squeaking noise when turning the steering wheel in either direction (which I thought was actually coming from the steering rack). It’s all good now - replacing the lower ball joint on the passenger side did the trick.

Ok, lower ball joint. How do I know for sure that’s it. And how hard is it to replace and how expensive is it? Is it a serious thing because I can’t even hear it unless my windows are rolled down and the stereo is off.

Well, this is for my 88 Honda accord, but I had to replace lower ball joints and upper A arms to replace the upper ball joints. On the lower ball joints you can use a press to press out the old ball joints, and then use a vise, piece of pipe and use use the vise to press in the new ball joint, since the arm won’t allow you to use the hydrualic press. It’ll take about an hour per side. It’s not hard a lower ball joint normall is 35 - 45 dollars and a- arms are about 66+ for new stuff. Well i hope this had helped, I’m about to replace all my bushings, and struts, and camber on my teg, I’ll let you know how it goes.