SSCA DA B20B 97 GS-R Heads setup...

Hi as you all may know now I’am building a b20b vtec with a YS1 LSD transmission. Now my main thing is an SSCA car all motor setup descent nothing special. Now i need some help i havent been around hondas sense 5 years ago i had my gorgeous :frowning: 93 GS-R (SOLD IT LIKE A MORON) any who… I want some input on what you guys think i should go with from engine to suspension.

Mods so far (parts) 97 Heads 3k miles on it ITR retainers, valves, and soon to be cams. Shaved down also. The block (b20b) so far stock. and the 92 LSD YS1 Transmission.

I’am going to go with the Omni Power Full Coilovers i hear they are great starter. I’am also trying to shave some weight off by using a carbon fiber truck, with pexi glass and a carbon fiber hood, hopefully fenders as well later on.

Skunk Camber kit front
and w/e rear kit w/e brand makes them (not sure if Skunk does)

thats about it so far any other input would be great… THANKS :rockon::slight_smile:

Your post is pretty confusing. Are you going to be racing the car? If that’s the case, look up the SCCA rules, then build according to those rules. Most of the people surfing this site are not going to be up to speed on the exact class rules thus you’re likely to get a lot of suggestions which are not taking into account class rules.